Abigail Jezebel goes viral because of her journey to a healthy beautiful body

Beauty is an inside job. It’s not just about fixing your physical attributes. It is also about establishing a positive attitude towards oneself. As the saying goes “you become what you believe.” What really matters is how you view yourself and what gives you the motivation to transform to become a better person. A netizen named Abigail Viana Jebel proves this to be true when she finally decided to make a change for herself. Find out her journey to a healthy beautiful body here.

Off with the old self in with the new

Abigail shared in a Facebook post her experience of being body shamed for her physique especially when she joined beauty parades. She was called fat, whale, ugly and pig not by just people but even her relatives. Feeling out of place, she faced herself in the mirror and cried to what she saw—her huge thighs and a 32-inched waist. After taking a hard look at herself, she decided to have a serious makeover.

Her decision was met with discouragement from people around her.But with gradual perseverance in adopting a healthy lifestyle, the people who once bullied her are now and even asking for beauty secrets and advice—she thanked her mom, dad, uncle and aunt for that.

She shared that abstaining from sweets, sodas, and red meats were part of her ways to become fit. She also drank more water and ate more vegetables. She also was strict to not have any cheat days as a rule.

Abby also emphasized that she did not undergo such transformation to please or ask for others approval. Rather, it was out of sheer love for her body’s health. She also stated that she remains humble and she does not boast about her changes.

She also said that her Facebook was purposely written to inspire others who are going thru the exact feelings and same experience as hers.

Abby’s story is meaningful and inspiring. With such bold words, her post went viral and generated responses and shares from netizens.

Source: Facebook

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